Frequently Asked Questions

CSA Questions

Yes! We grow everything in your share ourselves, and all of our crops are third party certified organic by MOFGA.  This means they review our records and come to physically inspect our farm and verify our farming practices every single year. Your can learn more about our practices and our farming philosophies by clicking here. 

We do occasionally offer add-on shares or pre-order items from other farmer friends growing in our community who are not certified organic, but who we think are farming with the health of  their customers, livestock, and land in mind.  They are always open to questions about their practices and we encourage you to reach out if you’re curious. 

Fresh, delicious, organic veggies! We grow a broad variety of vegetables and herbs, a couple of fruits (mostly melons but we’re working to add berries to the shares,) and shiitake mushrooms. Just about everything we grow will appear in the shares at least once. 

We compose your share with cooking themes in mind and aim to provide vegetables and herbs that will compliment one another. We also provide cooking tips and recipe inspirations in your weekly newsletter to help you make the most of every share! 

Shares include a balance of veggies that our friend Rod calls ‘Crunchies and steamies’ aka veggies that are great raw and those that are better cooked. Most weeks will include head lettuce or salad mix, a cooking green, and an assortment of the highly seasonal crops like tomatoes, peppers, winter squash, radishes, and so on. Check out the gallery of past shares on this page. 

We do not currently  grow sweet corn,  but we’re happy to direct you to local farms that do. 

We’re so glad you’re curious! 

We try to make sustainable choices for all facets of our farm, and this means using reusable or compostable packaging where possible. While we haven’t found a substitute for plastic bagging greens, we did switch over to sanitizable, reusable green crop boxes in 2020. 

These boxes can be thoroughly cleaned and reused many many times, unlike the waxed produce boxes we used to use, however they are much more expensive. It’s really important our members return their boxes EVERY week, so that we’ll have enough boxes to get through the season.

Give us a hand in keeping it green and clean. Please empty all produce, bags, etc. from your box, carefully fold it flat(following the instructions on the box,) and store it somewhere clean, out of reach of pets, before returning it the following week. This makes our job cleaning them a little easier! Alternatively you’re welcome to transfer your veggies into your own bags at your pickup site and leave the box with us. 

CSA shares begin on Wednesday July 7th and run through October 20th.

We deliver yummy, organic produce to several communities in central Maine, each with their own convenient CSA location.

 Sangerville, Marr Pond Farm – Wednesdays from 4 pm – 6 pm 

Downtown Orono – Wednesday afternoon, exact time TBD, 

Dover-Foxcroft, Piscataquis Regional Food Center (Formerly the Agway building located at 79 North St)- Wednesday afternoon, exact time TBD

Dover-Foxcroft, Northern Light Mayo Regional Hospital (hospital employees only) – Wednesdays after 2 pm

Do you love to eat fresh veggies, and cook at least a few nights a week? Then the full share is probably a great choice for you! Households with 3 or more veggie lovers may want a second share or additional  half share.

Half shares are a great option for single person households, members who aren’t able to cook as much, or are just getting started with integrating more fresh foods into their lives. 

Sure! Half shares help you eat more delicious organic veggies when you’re just learning to cook with fresh vegetables, have a smaller household, want some extra produce to compliment your garden, or simply aren’t ready to take the plunge into a full share. Half shares give you the same rich diversity of veggies as our full shares, but picked up every other week. 

We accept cash or check for CSA shares, and require a $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve your share. 

If you would like to pay by credit card we can send you an invoice to pay online. Shares purchased online incur an additional $15 convenience fee. 


We’d be happy to set up a payment plan for you, send us a message.

Please note that all payment plans must be paid in full by June 1st. 

We’re working on it! Send us a message if you’d like to receive an update on this option. 

If all goes well we will be one of 15 farms to offer SNAP shares 

Yes! You’re more than welcome to have a friend pick up your share, just be sure to send them with the previous weeks empty box, and ask them to bring bags with them to transfer the share into to take home. We ask that non-members do not take home the green CSA boxes.

If you’re going on vacation we suggest having a friend pick up your share. With a weeks advance notice we can hold your share for you to pick up on-farm later that week.

Headed upta camp? If you need to switch locations we can do that too! Just give us a weeks notice.

If you miss a pick-up without advance notice your share will be donated to the host site or food pantry at the end of your pickup. That said we usually try to make sure everyone gets their share, so please give us a ring if you forget! We do not provide reimbursement for missed shares. 

In the instance of hail, torrential rain/flooding, a hurricane warning or other unsafe driving conditions we’ll notify members via email or alternative pick-up instructions. All of our pickup locations are at least somewhat protected , we do not cancel pickups for rain or normal summer thunderstorms.

If we haven’t cancelled the pick-up but you don’t feel it’s safe to drive just let us know and we’ll work it out. 

Absolutely! Give us a call or shoot us an email to schedule a tour. We are taking COVID-19 seriously, so we ask that visitors follow the CDC’s current best practices. 

Please be aware this is a working farm and we’re very busy most of the week so we ask you contact us ahead of time to schedule a tour. Most tours will be given on Sundays. We love animals but we ask that you leave pets at home for tours. 

CSA Share

General Questions

We hire farm crew in the mid-winter, usually around February. You can check to see if we have any current openings on Good Food Jobs. 

If we do have a position open, you can apply by sending us a resume, cover letter explaining why you would like to work with us,  and 3 references (at least 2 professional, personal references should not be from parents or significant others) to

Send us a message if you have a question!